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September 24, 2012—Zhongli

Dear everyone,

So, you know how last week I was all depressed about staying in this area another transer? (Once again, looove this area, love the people, members, investigators, blahblahblah, but seriously. Been here forever long.) But, I'm actually grateful I'm staying because we have this investigator Cai jiemei. She's super wonderful and she's been an investigator for almost a year now because her husband won't let her get baptized. (Her husband is super awesome, but just because of some stuff, he doesn't want her to get baptized.) Anyway, lately, he's been saying that next year they can talk about her getting baptized and re-evaluate it, even though she always brings it up to him. But, she called me the other day and said that she and her husband were eating breakfast, and she brought up baptism, and he was just totally like, "Okay, if you're serious about it, then do it." So she and her little 8-year-old can both get baptized! When she called me, I was overjoyed. Almost crying. Also, I saw my old companion Tsai jiemei (love her so, so much) and she started teaching Cai jiemei, and she just started crying when I told her. It was precious. Anyway, I'm happy that Cai jiemei will have a missionary here who has known her for a long time to help her get ready for baptism. But hopefully I'll move someday.

Also, this week, all the missionaries who were moving or getting new companions (which was a TON!) all went up to Taipei to a meeting to meet new companions. So we knew whether we were moving or not, but didn't know who new companions were or where we were going, etc. Then Sister Day had this power point thing, and she would go area by area and it would show all the missionaries in that area, with blank spots for the people to move there. So super nervousness, because you're all just waiting to see who your companion is or where your new area is. And stressful if you don't like your new companion, because you're in front of everyone, so you have to be like, "wahh! I'm so excited!" Anyway, my new companion is Sister Lisa Crofts (Zhou jiemei) from St. George, Utah and she is AWESOME. She's on her third transfer, just like my last companion, Sister Evans. She is hilarious, gives tmi (just like me!), and says how much she loves shopping when she introduces herself. We are super chatty. And all the elders in her district came up to me separately and told me I would love her and one elder was like, "I always thought you guys should be companions. I always thought if you guys were together, you would tear it up!" Whatever that means. Anyway, she's awesome. Our first night together, we biked (oh! so in our area right now, we have 8 missionaries and 4 bikes, so it's been a crazy game of constantly switching bikes around. These bikes' were both super low and I was dying laughing because every time I looked back at Sister Crofts, she was pedaling a mile a minute but the bike gears weren't really working, so she wasn't going anywhere. Plus, super low seat. Oh, so funny!) to our investigators house, and as we were singing the opening song, our investigator wasn't singing and Sister Crofts had just drinken soda so she had to stop singing, so I would suddenly be singing a solo. And then we would both start laughing and it was hard to keep singing. So bad. So funny. And Sister Crofts is really passionate and expressive and always tells me really funny stories.

Last night, we rounded up four more bikes and all of us missionaries biked way far away to eat with this member. One of my favorite things= bike packs/gangs. It's so fun, especially when most of us were riding really crappy and inconvenient bikes. So funny.

This week we also did temple tours. We were in the elevator with two of the office elders - one of them is Elder Xu and he is out of control funny. He can do perfect impersonations of our mission president, and has totally psyched me out before when I call him and he totally makes me believe I'm talking to President. Anyway, I was eating his pretzels, and then true to my disheleved nature, I said something and a piece of chewed up pretzel flew out of my mouth and landed on the elevator floor, but Elder Xu just picked it up and we were all like, "sickkk!" And he was like, "What? It's trash." It was good.

Oh, this week we also went to a big stake sports activity day. It involved activities like everyone standing on a little mat thing and all the wards had to fit on one mat. So great.

Okay, sorry so rambly. I really love all the other missionaries so, so much. They're all so good. I always get sad at the end of the transfer with everyone moving, but I'm really excited to have new missionaries and get to know everyone.

Love you all so, so much!

Love, Sister Natalie Christensen

Celia: STILL need your address
Ariel: Wahhh! thanks for the address! I'm writin' you!
Erin: Wahhhhh! you finally told me your address! Writing soon!
Allison: I just sent a letter! Hope you get it soon!
Finn and Lars! Write me!!
Trevor: ghosts and cameras?

pictures - us with investigator Cai jiemei, sister chen with huge hamburger, with our mm leader (LOVE HIM!), me and bestie comp tsai jiemei, pictures from the stake activity (including newbie elder who had to wear his church shoes. Remember when that happened to Kai? so funny.)

(She apparently did not send these photos—Matt)

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