Sunday, September 16, 2012

September 26, 2012 (Zhongli-27)

This week was so adventurous - I'm excited to tell you about it. Oh, first thing, we got half of move calls. I'm staying here - AGAIN. With a new companion. I love this area and the people so much, but I wanted to die a little bit when I got the move calls because I want a change soooo bad and I really want a new area. So, pray for me to survive this transfer, please. It feels like it'll be 100 years long.

Okay, our Saturday baptism was NUTS. It was little 8-year-old Yu Ting's baptism. He's super cute and rowdy and likes to move around a lot. We invited our new super golden investigator to come with us. So, we started the baptism and it was nice and all the talks were really geared for Yu Ting. ("So that's why baptism is important, right, yu ting? Yu ting, look at me! Yes, baptism is so important." etc.) It was cute and funny. So, then we go downstairs to watch him get baptized. So, everyone here gets baptized in cold water, usually. So a recent convert guy was baptizing him, so they both get in the water. And Yu Ting is just like giggling and moving around and we practiced baptism with him the day before, but they were like trying to figure out how to do their hands for like 5 minutes and it's just taking forever. But then they're finally ready, say the pray, dunk him, but he wasn't fully immersed. So they do it again, BUT they didn't say the prayer. And the people were split on whether it counted or not, so Yu Ting gets out and goes to the bathroom to start to change but then they decide they have to do it again. So i go in the bathroom to get Yu Ting and tell him to do it again, and he started crying a little/whining and was just like, no I don't want to, it's so cold!" and I was like, "Yeah, you're awesome, you can do it!" So he gets back in the fount, and then just stands in there kind of crying and stuff for like 5 minutes and everyone was trying to encourage him and stuff and it was just terrible. At first, it was so funny and then it was just so terrible. And then he calmed down and they dunked him again, but his leg came up, so he got out and didn't get baptized. After he changed clothes, he was totally fine. It was the most stressful baptism of my entire life. I felt guilty and bad about it so after I talked to the Wu's- my mm leader and his wife/my favorite people in the world/my taiwan parents and they were really sweet and encouraging and stuff. Then later that night, Brother Wu (who looks kind of scary, but is the most gentle, sweet person ever) called me and was like, "Cen jiemei, don't be sad. I feel like you are my daughter and when you are sad, it makes me sad." It was so precious.

Anyway, we held the baptism again on Sunday with warm water, and he got baptized great and fine with  no problems and was just as happy and rowdy as can be.

Also, you know how scared I am of dogs, right? Well, the other day, we were biking trying to find this one house, and we turned on this street and I stopped to look at the map for a sec. (oh, how I hate Chinese maps). And then sister evans was like, "uh, dog. we should bike." And I look behind me to see a pack of like 7 dogs coming towards us (not running-  just right behind us and all sniffing me and getting way too close for comfort.) So I was a little bit freaked, and there was like a 60-year-old man standing on the side of the street, so I wanted to befriend him in case I needed to take refuge in his house. So I was like, "Could I ask you? Are they going to bite me?" He was like, "Buuuuu hui!" (Noooo way!) me: Are you SURE? him: yes. me: now, what about those dogs up there? (point to another pack of like 7 dogs, up the street right where we had to go.) him: them? I have no clue about those dogs. So then I told him my scary story and why I'm scared of dogs and I was like, "If they bite me, can you save me?" (using the the save word associated with salvation - yeah, church vocabulary!) Anyway, so he walked over there with us and tried to discreetly pick up a rock, which freaked me out and he was like, "No worries! It's fine!" and then he chucked a rock in their direction, they scattered and we went on our way. It was such a good encounter.

This week, while in Long Tan, we discovered this cool dragon slide. Lars, you would love it! Cooler than the wooden park. We also had cool contacting experiences, just feeling like we were totally led to knock on this one door, and the girl happened to be home, happened to have interest, etc. I really do love being a missionary and being able to better recognize God's hand in my life.

Thanks for all the letters. Send more so I can make it through this transfer. Faj, I'm pretty sure that package is at the office right now. I'll get it tomorrow.

love you all tons. obvs.
love, sister nad

Allison! wahhh, your life is great! I"ll write more later. winky face.
Niels! Aren't mission conferences the best? I bet you're the most fun district member ever!
Kimiiii: I misss you write me.
Celia: new address
ariel: what address should I write to?
Trevor: important question: why can you sometimes capture ghosts on camera that the human eye can't see? Tellll meee.
Coryn: loved your letter! Writing back soon!
Bonnie: got the jane austen letter and the bday card. THANK YOU! love you!
Jed and Nat and family: ahhhh, loved your pack of letters so so so much! love you guys!
Lou: send me your address!
Analyn: I LOVE YOU! and your letters and thank you thank you thank you for the poetry.

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