Sunday, September 30, 2012

September 30, 2012—Zhongli

Dear everyone,
Oh, man, I've gotta write fast. Our investigator, Yi Xuan, (and also one of my favorite people) is the one whose husband just decided he's good with her getting baptized. And she wants her 8 year old son to get baptized with her, BUT her son HATES having lessons. Well, we just had one with us and he was not having it at all. But then our member there was super awesome and had a stroke of genius and came up with this super awesome lesson plan, and he liked it okay. So me and Sister Crofts have just been trying so hard to think of lessons to have with him and we came up with an awesome idea for the plan of salvation - we made it into a big game, where different rooms were different places, like premortal, earth life, etc. And then for earth life, he had to be blindfolded and we were temptations and his mom and the member were the Holy ghost. Slipped in a word of wisdom lesson. Then in celestial kingdom got a candy bar. It went awesome and he loved it so we were sooo relieved and his mom was also really relieved. And the member was super awesome with him. Anyway, so now we have to think of rockin' lessons and games for all the other lessons. If you guys have any ideas, let me know!! But, yeah, lately we have 2 little kid investigators that we regularly meet with and we love it.

This week, we went to visit a member and her son and daughter. Her son is about 14, loves his hair, and LOVES singing - super poppy renditions of church songs, etc. Anyway, when we first got there, we asked the daughter what the dog's name was and she said, "Ming Wei". So we kept saying the dog's name over and over again and playing with him and then the son came out and was like, "what!" and we were like, "We're just playing with ming wei", but apparently the son's name is ming wei and the dog's name is bao bao. So funny. Sister Crofts and I were dying. And then when we sang the song for the lesson, he was singing it super poppy and we couldn't contain our laughter. It was so funny.

This week there has also been HUGE WINDS. Typhoon winds. Biking, skirts, etc. So dangerous and stressful. But, other than that, the weather has been cool and beautiful and perfect. I love it here right now.

Oh, I forgot to tell you guys, our mm leader wanted me to play the piano for a baptism last week because he couldn't find anyone else. One of the songs was one I have never played before, and I didn't really have time to practice. Oh, man, when I played it, I kept messing up and had to play with one hand and then I still kept messing up and I was getting stage fright so bad, so it was just so embarrassing and terrible and the song felt like a million years long. I apologized to the elders and they were like, "oh, it's fine! no big deal!" but then the other elders were coming up to me and being like, "Heard about the piano..." Oh, man, so embarrassing.

This week a guy in our district told a cool story. He's from the south and talks slow and dignified. He's really great. But he said, he was talking with his friend who is a member of another church about the priesthood and they started Bible bashing a little bit, and suddenly had a question pop into his mind and he said, "What is it about certain men, that their writings become canon scripture?" And he said his friend didn't talk for about 30 seconds and then they ended their conversation. (we were talkinga bout having silence in lessons.) But, this friend just emailed him and said that he is getting baptized next week. Super cool, but even cooler, was that after he told this story, there was a sacred, silent feeling in the room. I know the Priesthood is real and I am so grateful for it. I am so grateful for the restoration of the gospel. And I'm really grateful to be on a mission, in Taiwan, learning Mandarin. When I first got my mission call (and sort of throughout the mtc stay), I didn't really ahve a testimony that this is where I was supposed to be. I felt like I got called here just because my dad speaks Chinese and I had been to China. But, I absolutely know this is where I'm supposed to be and I'm so grateful to be here.

All right, I"m gonna peace out. Love you all immensely.

Love, Sister Natalie

Shout outs!
Faj: Did you get the letter for John Bennion? Also, make sure Mark M. got my letter. Tell Lucky I lvoe her and will write her soon.
Celia: Glad my clothes are safe! Loved hearing from you! Can't wait to attend your Chinatown branch!
Analyn: loved your letter. SORRY ABOUT YOUR BIKES. lame. also, congratulations!!

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