Sunday, September 16, 2012

September 9, 2012 (Zhongli-26)

Dearest everyone,

I love hearing from all of you SO MUCH! Thanks for all the correspondence. Sorry, this week was not the most eventful, so I don't have too much to write. Also, I did terrible at writing in my journal this week so I can't remember a lot. Sending a lot of pictures to compensate.

This week:
- Went on exchanges to Taoyuan. Total vacation. I loved being junior companion, just biking really slowly along behind Sister Lin and ate delicious food, didn't have to worry about any plan and had fun calling people in my zone after 9:30, instead of frantically calling investigators and trying to get members set up for all the lessons. Yeahhh, loved it. Oh, and played frisbee with the elders for exercise in the morning. Tell you what, this gym girl was catching and throwing. And, re-realized that when I get excited and am cheering for people, I jump in place in the air. JUST LIKE LARS. dancing.
- Had an awesome lesson with a member mom and her son and daughter. Her son LOVES singing. Pop style renditions of I am a child of God, and other church songs. Totally okay solo-ing to you while you're trying to talk to him. So funny.
- Dinner at Luo family's house. Forgot to take a picture, but love them. (family in the ward) I asked Luo jiemei if she likes being primary president and she was like, "ummm, I can't say I love it. I am scared of kids. They are naughty!"
- I still love love love biking up to Long Tan every week for English class. I'm excited for long bike rides when I get home.
- One of our investigators who we've been meeting with for forever and still thinks praying feels weird and still doesn't know if God exists, told me that when she prays, it seems like someone is listening. yesss! I was so excited when she told me, and she was like, calm down, it's just a really little feeling! haha, still awesome.
- ate lunch with our beloved Qiu Feng and then she helped us accompany a lesson and then went to the park with us and helped us contact. Man, what a rockstar.
- Taught plan of salvation to a family on the street whose mom's dad had just passed away a couple days before. Awesome. We have another set-up with the mom, so hopefully that'll turn into something. Faj, yes, so hard to find and teach families together.
- Last night, we planned a movie night (the testaments, yeeahh!) and we invited all the ward members, investigators, etc. And people came - yes! And we (the elders) checked the projector on Sunday and it wasn't working, so I was so stressed and the elders were so chill and calm about it (they totally get bugged when I'm stressed - I'll call Elder Robinson my district leader and he's just like, "it'll be all right" it's so funny and then I realize I'm getting all worked up. Anyway, projector worked and everything was fine.)
- Ate dinner with the Wu family - one of my favorite families in the whole world.

Okay, that's about all for this week. Sorry so short. Love you all immensely!

Erin Kolu: Sorry worst at writing, BUT need your new address. Love you and your hilarious stories so much.
Nicole Valencia: Same as Erin. Where did you move?? Need new address. Thanks!
Celia: same. need new york address.
Ariel: when you move need address. Thanks again for your long letter. I copied some of it into my Preach My Gospel.
Trev4: wahhh! heart you.
LOU! i loved hearing from you! Email me your guys' address! (I can't remember if I already have it or not. PS, did you get the thank you note I sent you?)
ANGELA! Are you reading this? Love you so, so much!
Allison!! loved your email! only one picture worked (your bday one.) also, wahhh, you just look so dang beautiful. glasses, bangs, lipstick, shirt, freckles. everything. cutest.

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