Sunday, October 21, 2012

October 21, 2012 (Zhongli)

So many good things happened this week!

This week I went on exchanges in Tao Yuan - only been on exchanges there like seven million times because I've been here forever. But,I really do love this area. I love going on exchanges because I feel like I always learn so much from the other missionareis. I went with Sister Laumatia, who is awesome. We went to find a former investigator - an older woman. I was extremely exhausted that day and her house was super dim and super warm, so I was so drowsy. Felt my head jerk during the prayer. But perked up when she was talking about her health problems. We didn't understand a word she was saying - a medical condition - so she lifted her butt up and pointed at her butt, like it had something to do with her medical condition. so good!

We've been meeting with our recent convert Qian jiemei's little boy, Yun En. Oh, how I love him! He is precious and innocent and adorable. He's 8 and we've been having so much fun having lessons with him. I love that I've had this opportunity to teach children a lot lately. We taught him the sabbath day - we spread out a bunch of little things all over the floor and then he had 2 minutes to run and pick them all up and put them in a certain spot. We related it to how we get tired doing all the stuff we need to do and so on Sunday, we need time to rest. (did I already tell you about this lesson?) Anyway, it was awesome and him and his little sister Cherry collapsed on the floor after they were done. So cute and funny. Also Qian jiemei brought her pregnant friend and her little girl to church on Sunday. So cool. Made my heart soar! Also, Cai jiemei and her little boy Bo Yun are getting baptized on Saturday. I'm so stoked! Pray that everything will go smoothly, because I'm nervous a little bit!

On Friday, we were in Taipei doing temple tours. We gave a tour to this recent convert from Taizhong. He was super handsome and super cool. And we have this perfect investigator and we thought they'd be perfect together. So normally I wouldn't do this, especially as a missionary, but we told him about our investigator yin ru, got his contact information, and are totally setting them up, but we had to ask yin ru's permission first. Yin Ru is our investigator who is so classy and always wears beautiful clothing. Anyway, we talked to her and she was way into it and kept asking us if we were sure he was attractive - she didn't fully trust us. But yesterday she saw his picture on some facebook thingy and she thinks he's a dreamboat. And they're both super spiritual and awesome and she's from Taizhong, so it's all perfect. Also, I love her! (she's my cool scooter contact story one.) Anyway, so she is moving next to Taizhong next month, which is a bummer because she won't be here for her baptism, but she told me that when she moves there, she's taking a break from work, so she can really focus on learning the gospel, and then once she gets a job, she's going to make sure it's one that will allow her to always come to church and in the evenings can attend institute and english class. Wahhh, such a rockstar! Also, she said she used to be really depressed about some things going on, but since she's met the gospel, she feels way happier. So cool! The gospel is so cool, because it totally changes lives.

Friday night, we slept with the temple sisters in Taipei because on Saturday, we went to Xin Dian (part of Taipei) to attend a baptism for an investigator we share with those sisters. (lives ehre, goes to church there.) her name is Pei Hua and she's great. We love her.

Also, this week - super miracles with getting tons of new investigators in awesome ways. It was awesome.

Also, this week had some serious wardrobe malfunctions. Biking with a skirt and windy weather is the worst. Kept screaming because my skirt kept flying up.

In English class, I teach beginning English now, by the way. It's fun, but so far no good stories.

I love you all so much.

love, Natalie

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