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October 8, 2012 (Zhongli)

This is a post Natalie sent today. It is from Oct. 8th and for some reason we didn't receive it then. However, the photos still did not show up. (Matt, aka The Faj)

Dearest everyone,

On Friday morning my stomach started feeling really weird and sickie, and so did Sister Crofts. We were being the worst contactors ever - moving really slow and talking really slow because we kept feeling like we were going to throw up. At dinner time we went home to rest and woke up still feeling so sick, so I called our mission mom and she told us to stay home. Good thing, because I threw up three times after I called her and felt like I was going to die. I think it was food poisioning. It was terrible. Being sick made me miss you, Faj and mom. Also, I am still needy when I am sick. Sister Crofts was making fun of me because when i was on the phone with Sister Chen telling her to buy stuff for me, I was like, "And make sure the bananas are fresh. If they have brown on them, I won't want to eat them." Also, our mm leader and his wife are so cute. I feel like they are my Taiwan parents. When I talked to Brother Wu (mm leader) on the phone, our conversation was like this:
him: "Cen jiemei (me)! Is it serious?"
me: no
him: do you have diarreah?
me: no
him: (a word in chinese I don't understand)
me: (making a throwing up noise) is that what you mean?
wife in the background: ask her if it's all the stuff in her stomach coming out her mouth!
him: repeats
me: yes
him: well, that's throwing up.

Anyway, I love how sometimes it's hard for us to understand each other and I think it's so precious how good of care they take of us. 

Other eventful things from this week - got the warbys! Thanks parents! I looove them, even though with my missionary style (aka no style) they sometimes look really dorkwad on me. But I do love them.

Yesterday at church I was sitting on the same row as Yi Qi, our 11 year old recent convert, and a blind grandma in our ward. During the hymn, Yi Qi was talking really loud, so i was about to turn to her and tell her to be quiet, but then I noticed that she was reading outloud the words to the song a line at a time so the woman could sing along. So precious - eyes welled up with tears for reals. Also, Yi Qi always helps her walk and get to her classes. It's seriously so precious. Also, during sacrament, tons of huge loud fireworks and firecrackers were going off. No clue why.

I know it's awesome that this mission gets fed all the time, but you guys, YOU GUYS. Dying DYING from how much we had to eat this week. We got fed so many meals this week. I know, I know, some missions never get fed and they're out finding in the cold all day every day, but seriously, this week was rough. So full. 

We have a few investigators that are doing really, really well. Yi Xuan (one of my dear friends here, because she's been our investigator since I moved here) is super ready for her baptism. And the ward is extra supportive of her because they've known her for so long and they really include her in everything. They've already been annoucing her baptism in relief society. We've still been working really hard on our lessons with her son. This week we taught him the gospel of Christ, and it wrapped twine all around the church to be Lehi's vision (yeah, included scriptures, book of mormon, and prophets with that one!) and then having him "endure to the end" by following the rod. Man, the things we do for him. We love him and his mom so much.

Another investigator is named Yin Ru. Man, she is so pretty and classy. I want to go shopping with her. She wears these delicate, beautiful pinks and cream lace, or she'll wear all black. She has bangs and reddish-wash dyed hair. And she's sooo golden! Super, super prepared and loves all the church lessons and she's just so wonderful. (She's the one amazing scooter contact girl.) We're trying to get this handsome young guy in our ward to fellowship her. Right, right??

Okay, I think that's about all I have for this week. Man, love you all so much. Really, you guys are huge examples of support and strength. When I think of you guys and my relationships with you and how blessed my life is, it makes me want to be a better and better missionary. 

Thanks for all the awesome support (aka letters!) Love you all!

love, sister nad.

Allison!!! Thanks for the big emails and pictures! I loved seeing and hearing about San Francisco- too fun. I'll write you in the next couple of weeks!!
Erin! I'm still writing you soon. I hope you have some dramatic roommate stories to share with me. yeahh, kidding.
Trev4: brobro.
Kjirsten: overjoyed to get your letter! i ate it up. writing you back soon!
kayla: thanks for your big letter. love you.
cousin anja: love you so much. excited to hang out with you in a few months!
aunt jenalicious: love love you. hawaii?

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