Sunday, November 4, 2012

November 4, 2012 (Zhongli)

Dear everyone!

Since I just wrote on Wednesday, I feel like I have nothing to write now.

Also, my journal writing has been lacking because our house is a riot. Seriously, four of us girls live together (did you know I STILL live with Chen jiemei?? I love her so much and I'm glad we have a reputation for being together for 6 transfers now). So, every night we chat and crack up and rush to get to bed on time. Also, our house has two phones, but one line. So me and Chen jiemei think we are hilarious whenever we are talking to district or zone leaders. We are ALWAYS both on the phone. While Chen jiemei is talking, I whisper things in the background, like about what they're saying or say things like, "Go towards the light!" The elders get all creeped out and it is awesome!

This week we said bye to Cai Yin Ru, one of our besties. (She's scooter contact girl.) I recorded her telling a little bit about her conversion story and how she met missionaries. It's really cute. She's moving to Taizhong mission, (degrey, maybe you'll meet her!!), so we won't be able to meet with her anymore. She wants to get baptized down there so her family can attend, which is awesome. Also, she and that guy are totally hitting it off. Yeah, missionary work! I really love her and really miss her, but happy that she's so golden and loves the gospel so much. The gospel really has changed her life and views so much. She said before she met the gospel, she didn't want to have children because she felt the world was too scary, but now she really wants children because she feels like the gospel will totally help her have a happy, peaceful family. yeah, so cool!

This week in ward missionary meeting (one of my favorite things, for real!), we were talking about how we needed mini missionaries, because there's a couple areas they might have to close. Me and the elders started suggesting older women in our ward and our mm leader was taking it seriously: "Uhhhh... Yeah, maybe. Would she ride a bike?" Hilarious. We were cracking up.

Also, this week, our LA that we've been working with for a long time, Ping, came to church! Stoked! She's the new jersey one who hasn't been to church since she's been back here in Taiwan. She had a good time and totally made friends and loved it. We were so happy. I want to be better at helping LA's when I get home from my mission. I feel like they just need some extra love and encouragement and then they're totally willing to come back to church.

NIELS. Biggest rockstar missionary ever ever ever. i love reading your emails. You are so committed and dedicated to this work. Admire you so, so, so much.

Sorry, really, not that much happened. Oh, the pictures are just a bunch of missionary pictures. After we went to the temple, a bunch of us went out to eat together. My trainer goes home this week. Totally sad! She visited my ward yesterday and bore her testimony. Eternally grateful she was my companion - I seriously learn so much from her whenever I am with her.

I love you all so much. I love the gospel and I'm so, so, so, so grateful that the gospel is a part of my life, and becoming a bigger and more important part of my life.

Love, Sister Nad

Kimi: FINALLY! just kidding, bestie. But, thanks for the emails and I loved seeing little Liv and her black little nose. Cutest.
Ariel/steve: safe???
celia/benson: safe???
Josh and Dee: check last email for my shout-out! love you guys!
Allison: letter going in the mail for you today!
Allison: letter going in the mail for you today!

me and my trainer, wang jiemei. (top photo)
also, the picture of me with flower shirt and she's wearing a purple shirt is xin zhun, one of my very first investigators/baptisms from zhubei.

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