Sunday, December 9, 2012

December 10, 2012 (Zhongli)

Dear all,

Some awesome things happened this week. One of the best things was that our little Yun En, Qian Jiemei's son, got baptized. He is such a joy to teach. He's always so cute and happy and excited to see us. Qian jiemei said that he used to not be excited to come to church, but now he's always excited to go to church and meet with us. Also, he recently cut his own hair, which is why he looks like he's from Star Trek. Cutest boy ever. On Sunday, he got confirmed and afterwards, he ran from the chair, back to his mom, with a huge smile on his face. Precious. I love him and his mom so much. His mom told me at his baptism, it was the happiest she's ever been in her whole life.

Our investigator, Mei Jun, is still doing so awesome. She called and said she was going to try so hard to make it to church and ended up running from the train station to the chapel, to get there as soon as possible. She's the best. She came back later that night to watch the Christmas devotional with us. (Dorothy Larsen, I was watching out for you in the choir.) So grateful that her friend, Jason Ni, has shared everything with her. (Faj, whenever I introduce Mei Jun, I say how Jason's in your class. He said he went over the other night to roast marshmellows. Jealous.) Anyway, Jason makes me want to be a way better member friend. It really helps so much when the people have member friends who help them understand the gospel.

This week we weren't doing so good at getting new investigators, but yesterday we went to visit our beloved new convert, Dong jiemei. She has some health problems, so I haven't seen her in a while. While I was outside her house calling her, my companion started talking to this guy walking by. He agreed to let us come over in about a half hour and share a message with his family. So we went over, and shared about prayer with them. They became our new investigators and were willing to set up again with us. I feel like he has a lot of desire - I'm not sure about his wife. But, it was still really awesome to meet them. Talking to everyone really is so important in missionary work, because you never know who is prepared.

Another one of our investigators, a Wang jiemei, is not progressing a ton but at the last meeting, she casually mentioned at how she had finished reading the book of mormon! I was blown away. Now we just need to get her to come to church. If it rains, she pretty much doesn't leave, and it's been raining a ton lately.

This week we also went to a Christmas concert with our favorite Ping. (They're all our favorites.) We were supposed to drive home with a member, but her car was blocked in (we had to leave early), so we started taking a taxi to the train station but they said there was an accident on the tracks, so we coudn't take the train. so we had to take a bus all the way back and didn't get home until suuper late.

Oh, ps, my favorite little Boston ABC investigator writes me all the time and she told me she's getting baptized on January 19th. So stoked!

Oh, ps, my companion is ultimately disheveled. As disheveled or more disheveled than me. Last night, I was kneeling next to our investigator, Mei Jun, and we were playing with a member's baby. One of the members brought brought bread and this egg salad stuff and Sister Crofts was carrying a piece of bread with that stuff on top and I hear a big thud and turn around to see her like leap-hopping through the hair (because she hit her hip on this table) and then the bread fell facedown with a huge "SPLAT" right next to Mei Jun's leg. Oh, man, we were laughing so hard we almost died. We are a total dreamteam companionship.

Some other funny things about this week:  our district is all gaining weight, and we are all concerned about our double chins. It's super fun. Our zone leaders gave us the invite to hug our companion every night and tell each other we love each other. Love my comp for reals, but worst invite ever. Also, the zone leaders never follow up on invites directly with us, except for this invite. And one night this week, I was so tired and we were biking home, but the elders told us to go this one way that was way more long, so I was sort of chapped. And then I was so hot and sweating because I had my coat on and was biking so fast, and then I was getting more chapped cause I was so hot, then my skirt got completely wrenched in my bike chain, and Sister Crofts had to literally rip it out and I was like,"I am SO ANGRY right now! I am so chapped!" (Really, just because I was so hot - not because of skirt b/c my skirts always get ripped in the bike chain. Classy.) And Sister Crofts was cracking up, which I loved because whenever I get angry like that, my brothers always crack up at me.

I have loved thinking about what Elder Holland said at conference, "The crowning characteristic of love is always loyalty." I love that. I'm trying to express my love to God by being more loyal to Him, not doubting Him, more perfectly keeping his commandments and mission rules. I love God so much more now than I ever have, I think. I'm so grateful to know the gospel and I'm so grateful for Jesus Christ. Lately, I've felt kind of down and like I'm not a very good missionary. But, I'm grateful that through Jesus Christ, I can change. And I'm grateful that Heavenly Father loves me, and so He can help me achieve great things. I just need to have sincere prayers, diligent scripture study (to better figure out what His plans for me are) and trust Him. I only have three transfers left and I just want so badly to change and become the best best best I can at this time in my life and get rid of all the bad and stuff that's not good.

Family, send allllll my love to Lydia when you see her. Really love her so much. So, so excited for her. Also, Faj, ask Mark M. if he ever got my letter. i don't want him to write me back, but I want to make sure he got my letter and saw the awesome envelope I sent him. Also, I desperately need immune boost capsules and deep heat. Deep heat almost gone. Use it all the time. Would die without it. Thank you. Faj, I know my name is cen hui4 lian2, but what hui and what lian? I need to know asap, thanks.

I love you all so much. Thanks so much for all your love and support and prayers.

TARA!!! problem, just sent a juicy letter to Park City. You have to read it, if there is ANY way possible. Gah, sorry. Love you so much and loved loved hearing your news. Glad you're feelin' some peace. I'll write you more soon. And duh, forever besties. So don't even worry your cute little self.
VERINA: I am officially a part of the cool club. THANKS for the letter. Overjoyed. Writing you back sooooon.
Ariel: neeeeed your address. Did you ever get the letter I sent?
Celia: sorry, can you send your address again??
Allison: How are you? miss/love you.
Kimi: kimi! writteeee me. love you guys.

1. Yun En's baptism. Star Trek hair. Love them
2. DOUBLE CHIN. Me beckoning to Ping on the bus.
3. me. temple in back.
4. me and cai jiemei. recent convert. one of favorite people ever. they really are all my favorites.
5. me and sister crofts with mei jun.
ps, I wear glasses everyday. I love my glasses! Thank you, family!

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