Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December 2, 2012 (Zhongli)

Dear everyone,

Finn do you read my emails?

Have I told you guys about Mei Jun yet? Faj, there is a guy in your class named Jason Ni. She's his best friend. Jason is a total rockstar and has already talked about everything with her, so she's already keeping all the commandments. When we share commandments with her, she's just like, "yep, I already know. Yeah, actually I haven't been drinking coffee or tea for a year now." She is super prepared and so fun to teach. Last week, she only came to sacrament meeting and Jason told her she should attend all of church and that she should listen to what the missionaries say because they can really help her. She came to all 3 hours of church yesterday. Jason will tell her things you say in class, so he must like you. I asked her is he thinks you are scary or super serious. She said no. (ps, did you ever get the lucky i sent to you to give to Lucky?)

I LOVE having mm meetings and I especially LOVE our mm leader. This week, he was telling us about something he saw on discovery channel about this group of people who are fighting to save the whales, and it reminded him or the missionaries and the work we do. It was precious and hilarious. He's the most  humble, sincere man in the world. Whenever our investigators are having a hard time, he always talks about how he thinks about them and worries about them. And he really does. Last week, we were talking about this ward member who got bit by an ant, so the elders went to give him a blessing. I was like, "Where did he get bit?" And Wu dixiong started cracking up a little bit and was like, "It's inconvenient to say. In an inconvenient place." We were cracking up.

Sister Crofts had to go to the doctor, aka hopstial this week. That took up a whole day. The building was really beautiful (in Taipei), but that day I didn't have my camera. Bummer. The doctor's English was good, but there were still some good language barriers. Realized my vocab doesn't extend to the medical realm at all. Faj, isn't it weird that I can speak Chinese a little bit?

We didn't too hot numerically this week. But, last night, right as we left our apartment, we were biking to this one neighborhood and there was a girl walking on the side of the street. There's always a ton of people walking on the side of the street, and sometimes you feel prompted to talk to someone and sometimes I'm like, "Should I keep going? Should I turn around? Should I talk to them?" And sort of argue with myself. But, this girl, without even thinking about it, I just noticed her and slammed on my brakes to talk to her. Sister Crofts was ahead of me and told me later that as soon as she passed that girl, she started turning her bike around to talk to her. It's so cool how we can be so literally led by the spirit. The girl was awesome and set up with us.

Also, my beloved trainer, Sister Wang, just went home, but she came to visit zhong li yesterday with Becky Li. I LOVE WANG JIEMEI. She is the most kind, Christlike person in the world. Parents, if you come, we'll totally go visit her and her family on the east coast - taidong. She snuck chocolate into my bag. She's so loving and wonderful. I totally miss not having her as a fellow missionary.

My favorite book of mormon scripture lately is Alma 37:17. This is also one of my favorite themes of the Book of Mormon, and a reason why we repeatedly read the book of mormon. God will keep all the promises he's made to us (think: patriarchal blessings, other priesthood blessings, personal revelation, keeping our covenants) because he's kept all his promises he's made to our fathers, aka ALL of the people in the book of mormon. Over and over and over again, we see that as people keep their covenants, and keep the commandments, they prosper. This gives me so much peace, hope, and comfort. Also, sometimes I feel like I have big, grand plans for my life or things I want to do and sometimes they feel unattainable, but I truly know that God loves me and has great plans for my life, and as I trust Him and do what's right, He'll help me achieve and have a rich, full life. It's so comforting to know that the One with the most wisdom, power, and knowledge knows me and loves me, and because of that, He's on my team (or rather, I'm on His team) and He'll help me in every aspect. I truly feel that my life has been so incredibly and richly blessed - honestly, too blessed. My life has been so good, and it's truly all from God. Believe in God. Let Him help you achieve and become all you can. I know our lives will be better as we do so. I'm still trying to really live this principle - trusting God and His ways, His time, His promised blessings. The gospel is too good.

Family, will you hate me if I don't send you anything for Christmas?

love love love all of you so much. All of you are HUGE, ginormous blessings in my life. For reals.

love, Sister Natalie

Verina! I was so, so, so happy and excited to get your letter! Thank you! I'll write you back later. I love you and your sister!
Celia! Neeeeed your address again. Sorry.
ARIEL! Also, neeeed your address. Did you get the letter I sent?
Courtney CB: Are you still in DC? Same house? What about Kristin?
ALICIA HARRIS: did you ever get my letter? what's your current address?

- always looking like huge dorkwads. Lately, freezing and super wet and rainy.
- pie eating contest - notice jason ni's friend, lin mei jun in the background. also, notice the grandpa's face on the right hand side. so good!
- favorite district picture ever.
- freezing day led to combined companionship study on the bed under blankets.

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