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November 25, 2012 (Zhongli)

Dearest famster and friends,

This week was the most stressful week of my mission, so far, I think. We had this idiotic idea to throw a huge autumn party for our ward, investigators and their friends. It turned out well, but there was so much stuff we had to do for it. We were in charge of doughnut on a string, which me and Sister Crofts realized was too hard for 2 people. Two people was not enough to be holding up the stick and tying string to it at the same time. We also had a pie eating contest, but because pies are so expensive, we just bought these bread things and put whip cream on the top. I didn't realize how crappy that was, until Brother Su (an American in the bishopbric and one of the contestants) was like, "You guys bought bread from RT Mart instead of pie?!" And Elder Deal was like, "We bought them bread when we said we'd give them pie? How cheap is that!" The pie contest looked miserable, like they were suffocating from whipped cream and I was laughing so hard. They all loved it. Later we had a balloon stomping competition, which was also super hilarious. Sister Crofts was running all over, screaming, and doing high leg kicks because a bunch of people were chasing her. So funny.

This week, we also had a little Thanksgiving. On Tuesday during studies, we were like, duh we should celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow. (Because it was after pday, and we were going to have a meeting for our autumn festival.) So proud of us, because we put together a thanksgiving meal in 24 hours. It was actually super delicious. Here are the food assignments:

me and sister crofts (ps, I LOVE Sister Crofts - I never have time to include stories about her, but she's a super awesome missionary, talks to everyone, and also hilarious. Like, she worked at a fat camp and has a bunch of funny stories about being camp counselor. Also, Faj, she is as disheveled as me. The other day, she was trying to super glue this bow together, got glue on her hands, so she's frantically trying to get it off with tissues, and then the tissues get cemented to her skin. I was cracking up. She was chapped.) Anyway, me and Sister Crofts bought a duck. You buy a duck on a little roadside stand and they chop up the whole thing for you. Super heavenly, for reals. We also brought bread.

Elders Powell and Andersend: Drinks and dessert. We chose something nice and easy for them because lsat time we assigned them to bring fruit to a function, they bought maggot-infested oranges.

Elders Deal and Patrick: side potatos. So, their steamer wasn't working, so Elder Patrick had to cook the potatos 3 at a time in a toaster oven. He was a little chapped.

Sisters Chen and Burrell: potatos and gravy since Chen jiemei's mom is constantly sending her potatos and gravy.

It was super fun and delicious. And fastly eaten. yeah for having thanksgiving on a regular lunch break time!

This week, I don't know why, but I've felt really led by the Spirit. It's been such an awesome feeling. Our mission is focusing on the Book of Mormon this month as well, so we've been encouraged to use bom more. Anyway, we went to visit an investigator, but she wasn't home, but I felt that we should make a goal to talk to just like two people or knock two doors before we leave an area. We quickly went up to a girl named Bagel Wang. She said she believed in God, but didn't really believe any specific thing about him and wasn't really super into religions because she didn't want to identify with like a specific way that God is because religions say different things about him, or have a set regulation of how God is, or something like that. I asked her, "If there was a way that you could really know who God is and what type of person he is and could know that it was true, then would you be interested in knowing it?" She said, "Yeah, if there was a weay  I could kn ow, then I would accept." So I was like, "Just a sec!" and ran to my bike to grab a book of mormon. She listened to us talk and testify of the BofM, even though my Chinese and contacting skills were super lacking that day. But she told us she's actually really interested in the book or momron and our messge, because we seem so happy. (If you wanna be happy, accept the gospel. Tell you what! Everyone comments on the happiness of missionaries and members.) She said she's studying for a huge test and can't meet with missionaries until next summer, but we gave her a book or mormon and she seemed really happy and gratefl to have it. And it was just a super awesome experience for me. I know that what Niels said iss true, the Book of Mormon has power that we don't even know. Even though my Chinese wasn't super fluent, I knew she could feel that what we were saying was genuine and true. If you want a better life in any way, read the Book of Mormon.

The other night, when we left the church, there was a girl outside I wanted to talk to, but no time. So Qiu Feng, new convert, was at the church, so I called her and asked her to contact that girl. What a rockstar, totally talked to her, and the girl totally has interest. Lately, I"ve just felt really divinely led.

Church, yesterday. So many people came. Including our mom with all three of her kids. She wasn't going to bring her kids, but they all wanted to come. One of the them, a young woman, said she's going to bring two friends next week. So awesome.

Our wonderful LA, Ping, when I asked her if she was coming to church tomorrow was kind of ticked and like, "Yes, I love church! I'm coming every week. You don't need to ask me every week." Ha, love her.

I also had interviews with President this week. Man, he is so awesome. Constantly super in-tune to the spirit, and when you're with him, it's kind of scary sometimes because it's like he can look into your soul and know everything you're thinking. But I set some goals with him and I'm excited for the rest of my mission.  I only have three transfers left, after this one, so I'm trying to do super awesome the last three.

pant breathing. time almost out.

love you guyss sooo so so so much.

oh, i ate dinner with malachi and his wife and their beautiful baby, moses micheal mcgee. best name ever. love them all so much.

love, sister nad
allison mays: make sure you untag ALL ugly photos of me on facebook. thanks!! looove you!
trevor: had a dream, you owned a bread shop, and to get better business, you were having your employees standing like standing in the tiles so they looked like super tiny people. Gah, that is so hard to explain. Whatever, i'll tell you later. loooove you also.

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