Monday, January 14, 2013

January 14, 2013 (Hualian)

Dearest brothers, you should write me more letters. Niels is in the winning right now for champion brother, because he just wrote me the NICEST letter on earth. I love being the only sister in the family.

Mom, thanks for writing a bunch of big letters this week. It was fun to hear all you learned.

I feel like this past week wasn't super eventful. We had our zone training meeting last week. I had to help translate which made me realize how bad my Chinese really is. My translating included me drawing a picture of a jelly fish because I totally didn't know how to say that. Poor, patient native missionaries. 

We also had specialized training with President Day. I love meetings and trainings, but with that (because we have to travel really far to go to them), it shot a lot of our missionary work time. I also went on exchanges to Tai Dong (picture attached), another super beautiful place in this mission. 

This week, we also watched our beloved mm leader open his mission call - he's going to the Taizhong mission. DeGrey, he's an Elder Liu from Taipei/HuaLian. Maybe you'll train him! He's the only person I've met who I think is truly prepared to go on a mission. He's the best. We had fhe at his house last night (like we do every Sunday).  A bunch of youth (including recent convert youth) come and it's always super fun. Last night, Elder Xu was visiting. He did impersonations of the voices used on the trains and of Michael Jackson. The youth were loooving it. Elder Xu can do uncanny impersonations of everything and everyone. He's the most entertaining person to hang out with. Brother Liu's house is tiny and I love it. We all cram onto the 2 couches and floor to have fhe together. The fhe topic was setting goals. Talking about goals made me really grateful that we have a loving Father in Heaven who will help us accomplish anything through prayer. I really know and strongly believe that when we pray to accomplish the things we want to, He will help things that seem difficult or even impossible come to pass.

This week we had one new awesome investigator. She's sort of a former investigator. I guess when she was meeting with the missionaries she was doing super good, but then she decided keeping the sabbath day holy (my favorite commandment) was too hard. But, we went to meet with her again and she's the best. I feel like the Lord has been working on her during her time away from the missionaries. She's been praying and she set a baptismal date really quickly and easily. She's still a little worried about sabbath day, but also really willing to try. She was a total miracle this week, because we've had a hard time finding new investigators. But, yesterday, had two more miracle new investigators. One is our young woman member's mom and another is a recent convert we visited 's sister.

We went to Toroko Gorge - which is like a famous national park or something here. A member drove us and our bikes up to the top and then we biked down. Maybe kind of wussy, but on pday, time is extremely limited. It was really beautiful, biking down with sheer cliffs on both sides of you. Really green. 

You guys, this email is the most boring thing ever. I'm sorry! I can't think of anything to write about. 

ANGELA: You are the best. You write me so much and I LOVE every single letter you write me. I'm hoping and praying for your upcoming baptismal date. Send me pictures! And you gave a sacrament talk?! I LOVED your talk, I would have totally laughed out loud multiple times if I were in the congregation.
Allison! Thank you for your letters and update. Can't WAIT to see more pictures. And thanks for always being so sweet and concerned about me - you're the best! 
Kayla, got your huge-o letter. loooooved it.

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