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January 28, 2013 (Hualian)

I've been feeling guilty all week for not writing a good email last week! Sorry! The other missionaries have picked up on how easily I feel guilt. One time one of the elders was trying to make me feel guilty for a really dumb little thing (just joking) and another elder was like, "Don't say that. She'll start feeling for real guilty." True! Anyway, this week, I"ll write a better email.

We got move calls and we're both staying. Yeh! AND, my bestie companion sister Chen is the new temple sister. So sometimes I am allowed to call her. Best. Me and Sister Du got sick AGAIN this week. On Wednesday morning, I felt so crappy. And I was so stressed because me and sister du were supposed to move to a new apartment that week, we were supposed to go on exchanges that day and I had already gotten sick the week before. I called my mission president and started crying a little bit (still a needy baby when I'm sick) and he was the sweetest. When he answered, he was like, "Sister Christensen, you sound awful!" and then told me, "Cancel exchanges, hold off on moving, stay home and sleep and don't feel bad!" Also, turns out, after packing all our stuff, we ended up not moving. Anyway, so that stuff made this week a little slow. But still good. Oh, so while I was sick - being sick on a mission so boring, right? Nothing to do except read Jesus the Christ - I went through all my letters and cut out my favorite parts and I'm going to compile them into this awesome book my Aunt Bonnie gave me. (Thanks, Bonnie!) It was so fun reading all my old letters. I love you all so much and am so grateful for all the life updates and funny stories and experiences you have all written me. Total cherished possessions. 

So, I can't remember if I already told you this, but President Day (and therefore we) have a goal to have every branch in this zone get 100 baptisms this year. Includes a little place called Yuli that had, oh, 1, baptism last year. Yeah, crazy high! Some of the members are a little skeptical about it, but they are all really faithful and fired up and believe it can be done. I feel like the work has been sort of slow lately, but there's got to be tons of prepared people out there! I'm trying to be more believing and have more faith. Work harder and be more obedient.

YOU GUYS, this is the first day of my second to last transfer. Crazy crazy. 

The other night, we went to visit the awesome family who owns a bike shop and their whole family sometimes bikes to church. We had a lesson with them and them chatted with the mom, Lu jiemei outside for a minute. Their little 3 year old daughter, who is totally silent when we are around, silently gave Du jiemei a little purse. Then she went outside and brought me a little backpack. But it was her brother's backpack, so she had to take it back. Then she brought me another little purse. Then she brought us some little books. She was so precious. She just wanted to give us all her stuff. Lu jiemei is so cool. She went on a mission to Chicago when she was young. She is the new gospel principles sunday school teacher. She told us right before she got the calling, she kept having dreams about teaching a lot of investigators, a lot of people she didn't know. Then she got this calling and learned that we are supposed to have 100 baptisms this year. The chinese people totally receive revelation through dreams all the time. 

One of our wards has a new ward mission leader. At the end of our meeting, he got all serious and was like, "I need to invite you to do something." And I started getting really nervous and guilty feeling because he was all serious and then he was like, "If you are ever hungry, or need food, do not hesitate to call me and don't feel bad. We never want you to be hungry." Haha, he's the best. I'm excited to work with him. 

I totally ran out of money this month. I called the senior missionary finance guy cause I thought something was wrong with my account. So embarrassing cause he's like, "Nothing's wrong, you just spent like a million dollars this transfer." It's totally because I always forget to pay my fast offerings. If I paid fast offerings, I know I would have more money. Gah. One of the elders said he'd sell me egg sandwiches for 10 kuai each. And since I realized I have no money left, we've been super blessed and been fed every meal. I know, right?? 

Okay, sorry I don't have a ton of updates about the work. Just a bunch of knocking and street contacting. This is a weird time, because it's their winter break and Chinese New Year is starting, so it's a little slower in some ways. A lot of investigators have been out of town. We have a great investigator gao jiemei. She's a former, but she's totally prepared and ready the second time around. She came to church and commented a lot in relief society and sunday school. She talked about how when the missionaries stopped meeting with her the first time, she wanted them to keep coming, but she was just busy so she testified about how we shouldn't give up on people. Haha. She is on vacation now, but said she's bring her book of mormon with her and reading it every night. Yesssss. Set a baptismal date with a cutie young woman, 15 years old, (her mom really wants her to meet with us - love having that family support). We're super excited for a start of a new transfer and hope to see more miracles and have a lot of things pick up.

Anyway, I can't believe I only have 3 months left. Crazy crazy. But, it's still a long time, so keep writing me letters! I'm so grateful every single day that I'm on a mission and I get this awesome opportunity. I love my mission. I love the gospel and Jesus Christ. I know that it's true. Read the Book of Mormon and find out for yourself whether it's true or not. 

Ps, you guys should look up Niels' profile. I stumbled across it this week and it is awesome!

All right, I love you all so immensely. So, so much. I can't even begin to express it.

Love, Sister Nad

TARA TARA TARA tara! yeahhh! INDONESIA. duh, knew you were going to go asia. You're going to rock it up. Getting home end of April. WILL YOU BE IN UTAH? I wanna see you! I have a letter written to you - I'll send it this week!
Analyn: Oh, I love allll your letters. Your writing is beautiful. Love hearing your updates. So many babies! So exciting.
Zoe: I loved your letter! Re-read it multiple times and cracked up every time reading about you smashing your teeth out. hahah, so painful, and so embarrassing. Yeah, what if you lived in the 1800's? Toothless forever.
Addison: Thanks for the delicious life update. I love hearing about everything that's going on. Bestie cousin.
Julie Cantera! thank you a million times for the letter and picture! I loved it! Your kids are HUGE! What?!?
Bonnie: Love you. ps, i DID get the awesome jane austin letter (a long time ago.)
Anja: Thank you for the christmas card and picture and email! I'm excited to see you and hang out with you when I get home! Jealous that you've been coming to book club. Can't wait to join you guys.
Coryn: Yay! I looovved hearing from you! And loved the picture! winky face!
Kimi Jones: IMPOSSIBLE to not love you. Don't even worry your cute little buns! You made up for it by sending all of those pictures. You guys, YOU GUYS, total hipster cuties. I LOVE your short hair. landy, I love your beard! You're looking all lawyer-ish and jewish. 
KAYLA KAYLA KAYLA KAYLA KAYLA I had a feeling. Thanks for the schlong email! love you.

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