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March 11, 2013

Editors note: I am here in Taiwan for a few days. Yesterday I went to church where Natalie served for 10+ months. She's a total rockstar there. Everyone loves her and was raving about how good a missionary she is and how much they love and miss her. I was able to have dinner with some of the members and a couple college student girls that she taught and were baptized. One of the girls was the best friend of one of my former students. It was a really cool experience. She wanted me to post some of my photos from the day.  Matt

Faj, I loved hearing and seeing all about you being in Taiwan. One of the elders in my district is companion-less right now and we had this great idea that you could be his companion for a day, but totally not allowed. But, it's been cool the past couple of days to know that you are here, too. The ward members keep asking if I'm going to see you. 

Sorry, this week I didn't write in my journal very much, so I'm trying to remember that things that happened. We're moving to a new apartment today, so most of our free time was spent packing and cleaning. Still have so much to do. Our new apartment is super cute, but we'll really miss our views of the ocean. And our new apartment is more in the city. More convenient, but not as beautiful. But, that's okay.

We continued to try to use the Spirit and prayer in our finding more this week, like last week. On Monday night, we found 2 new awesome investigators. I love trying to have faith and believe that when we're finding, we really are going to find people. Then we really do. And it's cool, because then the contacts are different and interesting. With one girl, we talked about the Book of Mormon and she was really willing to accept a copy and read it. With the other woman, we talked a lot about family because she is getting married soon. The gospel is truly for everyone. 

I feel like lately we've been meeting with new people who have already decided that they're not going to get baptized. So, that's been kind of hard, but at the same time, we have faith and hope that as they try the word of God and meet with us, their hearts can be softened and they can change. We'll see how it goes. Like, one of our new investigators decided to meet with us because she always rejects missionaries, but then always runs into them again. She feels like it's maybe destiny and wants to see. She's super awesome, has great questions, and is sincerely interested, but over the phone told me she decided she wouldn't get baptized. 

But, then we also have a ton of awesome people who are doing really good and progressing a lot. Example, the Ma family. Oh, man, they are so cute, especially the 10 year old. The 3 kids and the grandpa came to church again yesterday. I didn't see them because I attended the other ward, but Sister Du said that the grandpa wrote some scripture reference on his hand and then asked if he could have a copy of the Book of Mormon. AWESOME. Grandpa is still not a new investigator, because we haven't had a lesson with him. That's the hard thing about having family investigators sometimes - their schedules are all so different. 

We have a quiet, hesitant mom who is a former investigator. She said that her problem is that she doesn't have enough faith. We've been able to slowly see her progress and it's been cool. She said that she feels that she's received an answer to her prayer and that baptism is a good thing. I think she's getting more excited about it.

We have a little teenager, zi yao, who'll hopefully be getting baptized next week. She comes to church every Sunday, but is really scared of getting baptized because she doesn't want people to watch her. So we might just hold a super tiny baptismal service. 

We met with our American investigator. We had a wonderful member help our lesson - she's an RM who served in Chicago, so her English is great. We totally felt the Spirit in the lesson and me and Sister Du discussed afterwards that the times we felt the Spirit was when Lu jiemei was speaking and testifying. Her testimony is so strong and powerful. Whenever she testifies, I totally feel it. Oh, man, I want to be like that. I feel like so often when I testify, there's like no feeling - like I'm just saying things routinely instead of focusing on what I really want to convey or something. I don't know. I'm trying to work on that. I want people to feel it when I say it. This investigator really wants/needs evidence, so it was cool to just hear Lu jiemei testify and feel the truth of what she was saying.

On Saturday night, the ward had a going-away dinner party for Liu Ken Di, our old mm leader. He's going on his mission this week. The food was delicious and I love hanging out with our members. On Sunday night, we had a missionary fireside about families and the Plan of Salvation. Ken Di also gave a talk and it was sort of like his second going away party. He told everyone to wear purple, so that why a bunch of us are wearing purple in the picture of everyone.

This week, I ate so much delicious food. The most delicious was dou hua - it's like soy pudding stuff that I love and eat all the time. But this one had vanilla ice cream on top of the soy pudding, topped with honey, black sticky rice and these gummy/squishy things that they LOVE here and are hard to describe. We eat dou hua all the time and sister Du pointed out that every time we eat dou hua, I say, "This is so delicious, I could die." Ha. True. (picture included)

We've started setting baptismal dates with people for after I'm gone. WEIRD.

Love you all so, so SO much.

Love, Sister Nad.

Tara. can't wait.
Kimi. Duh. 
Allison. Also, duh, best idea ever.

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