Sunday, March 17, 2013

March 18, 2013 Last Transfer

I'm officially on my LAST TRANSFER. crazy.

Guess who my new companion is? My TRAINEE, Sister Evans. Yep, reunited! Crazy, right? This week was crazy busy. We did a last minute exchange on Tuesday and Wednesday, so we spent a lot of time on the train and I got to hang out with Taidong's Sister George. Then on Wednesday night, Sister Du sort of told me, but not really, that we were getting a move call that night. I was freaking out, so scared I was going to move because I really didn't want to move. But, Sister Du confessed that she found out she was going to move. (Can't trust missionaries with secrets, especially about move calls. She heard from another missionary.) Anyway, so on Thursday, we had the busiest day. I was crazy tired. We got lunch and dinner set up's when members found out she was moving, plus a bunch of set ups. We biked from one end of town to the other allll day and night long. We were wiped at the end of the day. Thursday night, Taidong sisters came to spend the night and Friday morning, Sister Du and Sister George got up super early to go to Taipei to get new companions. Yeah, didn't even get to go. Wahhh. 

Then like all the missionaries (like Sister Liao's new companion, elders in my district, and the zone leaders) started calling us to tell us who our new companions were. And, yeah, I was super shocked that I'm reunited with my trainee and I feel bad for her, because that'd be weird to go back with your trainer. Especially if your trainer is me. BUT, I did feel really good and peaceful about being with her again. I felt like a bad trainer, so I'm excited to have another chance to be her companion. She told me that she's always felt like she was a difficult trainee, and she always sort of wanted to do it again, or have another chance. Haha, funny.  So, yeah, companions again! Oh, OH! Yeah, and they didn't even tell me this until after the transfer meeting, but we're now splitting the area. So our apartment is a 4-person and I'm with Sister Parker and Sister Huang, who is getting trained. And she just came from DeGrey's ward. Finally I met someone who knows cousin DeGrey!! Anyway, they're in charge of Hua Lian and I'm in charge of Ji An, which is like the more rural country part of the city. Yeah, crazy. So the last few days have been crazy busy, just trying to get things ready to split and have more people move into our apartment and trying to help the Hua Lian sisters get all the information they need. Crazy busy.

On Sunday, we have district (stake) conference, so all the members of Eastern Taiwan came to HuaLian. The Ma family came and attentively sat through all two hours, but they got a little antsy the last 30 minutes. One little 9 year old gave an AWESOME talk about how her dad promised her he'd baptize her on her 9th birthday, but wasn't keeping the word of wisdom and wasn't baptized yet. But she prayed every night for it, and her mom was also full of faith and always told her to have faith and her dad ended up getting baptized and baptizing her. Precious.

The Ma family is so great and doing so good. Duh, I'll try to send a picture of them next week. We had a great lesson with them this week, where we talked about the Book of Mormon and our favorite stories. Then we read 1 Nephi chapter 1 together, and when Laban tries to kill Laman, they all had great reactions - half shocked/half cracking up. So funny. It was great. Zi Yao, who is close to being baptized, lives in Hualian, so she'll start meeting with the other sisters. This week will be filled with tons of finding because we don't have that many investigators in Jian. Saturday night, we found a couple new investigators and gave them Book of Mormons. I love explaining that the Book of Mormon will help them know God better and then I love when people are really enthusiastic and excited to accept a Book of Mormon on the street.

I'm sorry this email is so boring and non-exciting. I love you all so much. I'm really grateful I still have a transfer left to do this mission thing. The church and gospel are absolutely true.

Love, Sister Natalie

EMILY LARSEN. Hey. I heard you're home from Germany. TALK TO ME, GIRL.

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