Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March 4, 2013

This week was glorious. I learned so much this week and I saw more miracles and awesome things happen this week than I have in like my whole mission combined. Not really. But this week was really great. 

On Monday the temple sisters came (Angela! the temple sisters are just the sisters who cover the area by the temple - they basically give people tours of the temple grounds and the chapel/church, so we just call them the temple sisters) to do exchanges with us. There was 3 of them because of some circumstances with transfers and one of them is going home this transfer. Anyway, on Monday it felt like when I was little waiting for cousins to get into town - Kjirsten to drive from CA to UT or Addison from TX to UT. Anyway, they got here and on Monday night, I went on exchanges with Sister Chen. We biked to a rural area - away from all the lights and noise - quiet country roads along dark rice paddies. Our lesson ended up not being able to meet with us, but we talked to her neighbor and had a good lesson with her about how the gospel blesses us and our families and we also tracted into an LA. It was fun to be companions again with Sister Chen and teach with her again and talk about the good old days when we were in Zhong Li for months and months together. At night, I slept on the couch and we moved her mattress right to the side of the couch and talked until, we think, 3 or 4 am. We were too scared to look, but we couldn't stop talking. It was great. I love her and so value her wisdom and advice. I'm glad we get to go home at the same time. 

On Tuesday, after hot pot and district meeting, I went on exchanges with Sister Ochoa. After we ate dinner that night, our lesson canceled and I told Sis. Ochoa I needed her help because I wasn't feeling super faithful/positive about finding that night. She was like, "It's okay! We just need to have faith and pray a lot." We had a contacting destination - A-Mart, like Wal-Mart, and decided to talk to everyone we encountered as we slowly made our way there. We really talked to every single person we saw, and started having immediate success. A mom and her son. A man standing outside a bread shop. He's getting married soon and we talked about how the gospel could bless his future marriage and family. We had a little lesson with him, and I totally felt the Spirit. Sister Ochoa and I tried to pray a lot - like every chance we had. That night, I really felt like I had the Spirit with me and I really understood the importance of having the Spirit. I know that that is true, but I could actually feel that having the Spirit with me - abundantly - and using the Spirit to try to know what to say to people made such a big difference. Once we got to the A-Mart, it was out of control - people started contacting us. First we contacted a man from Iran. He was so great, but said he wasn't into organized religion. I asked him if he believed there was truth, and if that truth could be connected to organized religion. He said that was possible. Then we pulled out the Book of Mormon. I love how simple and easy it is to testify of the Book of Mormon and if that is true, then Christ is real. He is super willing to start meeting with the Elders. As we were talking to him, this Haitian guy who I had ran into a few weeks ago at a restaurant (I just quickly gave him a card at the time), came by and called out to me and was like, "hey! I lost that card you gave me!" I started talking to him, gave him the website, and got his phone number to meet with the Elders. By that time, we said good bye to the Iranian and then this girl started talking to Sister Ochoa, and this guy started talking to me. Even though we try to always be together while contacting, this night there was no way! Too many people coming up to us. Basically we just talked to awesome, at least fairly interested people all night long. I was soaring. I felt like I could be a missionary for the rest of my life. Also, Sister Ochoa is from Mexico and I think her Chinese is extra beautiful. And while we were finding, the other sisters met with the Ma family and the three kids and the grandma all set baptismal dates!! Overjoyed.

On Wednesday, I went on exchanges with Sister Taylor and Sister Ochoa - tri-pan, yeah! We found this cute woman on the side of the road, sitting on a bench. We stopped and had a lesson with her. Then we had lunch together and started heading back to the train station, when the Haitian came riding by on his bike. We stopped and talked to him again. We found out he met with missionaries before in Haiti and had been to church a few times but wasn't sure how he felt about Joseph Smith. Sister Ochoa bore such beautiful, pure and powerful testimony of the truth of our message. The Spirit was there so strong and it felt so sacred. We set him up to meet with missionaries the next day. 

We met with our soon-to-be-baptized, Zi Yao, and she is doing good. We watched the Joseph Smith movie with her and after she hesitantly asked, "Is this really true?" We were so happy she asked and knelt and prayed with her right then. We're hoping she'll get a sure answer soon. But she's really excited about baptism and getting more and more ready. We also met with Gao jiemei - she's feeling scared about baptism (SATAN), but we read the Book of Mormon with her about how bad things/feelings come from Satan and good things and good feelings come from God. She felt a lot better after meeting with us and our wonderful member. 

Yesterday, church was so good. So stressful, but so good. The 3 Ma children, and their grandpa came for all three hours! The ward members did so good at taking care of them, especially the grandpa. The older men in the ward were totally taking care of him and speaking in their native Aboriginal dialect with him. And all the young women (and a young man) told us that the teenage boy is super attractive. Yeah! But, really, it was great having all of them at church with us.

Sunday night, we were at our mm leader's house, and after we on the college campus by his house. We prayed sincerely and faithfully and were able to meet a really awesome girl and have a lesson with her. She was like, "I don't know how to explain how I'm feeling... I've run into missionaries a lot before. Is it destiny?" Or something like that. Yeah! she seems really prepared and we're excited to keep meeting with her. 

This week was so good. I learned so much about the Holy Ghost, pure testimony, and about my weaknesses. 

Sorry. So rambly. love you all IMMENSELY.

love, sister nad.

Ps, forever ago, we were eating at this all-you-can-eat restaurant with the elders and members and one of the elders innocently commented on how I was eating a lot of food (stressed/chapped) and then he dropped his ice cream cone on the floor. It was awesome. 

temple sisters
eating stuffed squid and stuffed french toast. 

kayla kayla kayla write me write me write me.
angela: your letters ROCK. I looooved all the pictures! Gah, I'm so excited to see you again. praying praying praying you'll get into BYU. If you don't, Heavenly Father totally has other awesome plans for you. All the elders are so jealous that I have such an awesome investigator/recent convert.
KRISTIN. Do you read this? I got your package. YOU ARE THE BEST. I wanted to cry with joy when I saw so many 70% chocolate bars. Seriously. I love you so much. Writing you a big letter soon. And I loved your life updates as much as the chocolate. 

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