Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April 23, 2013, Final Message

Dear Faj, Mom, Kai, Niels, Finn, Lars and all my bestie cousins, aunts, uncles, grandma/grandpa, and friends,

Oh man. I can't believe I'm leaving my mission. It's the most surreal feeling in the entire world. I felt like I would be on my mission for 7 years, at least, so it's crazier than crazy that it's actually coming up. Faj, duh, would love it if Aunt Grady came to the airport.

Gah, don't even know what to write. And also only have like 13 minutes because we've got to catch an early train to Taipei. My mission president is the best and is letting me go visit zhongli before I go. So I have plans to hang with members and old investigators all day.

The past couple weeks have been great. Last week, we saw a lot of miracles and a lot of new investigators. Even though I wasn't perfect, I tried hard to stay focused, and it's hard to not stay focused because you're still just out doing all the same missionary stuff, every day. On Sunday, the entire Ma family (including grandma and grandpa) showed up to church. I was so happy to see all of them. We visited them last night, and they knew it was my last time to see them. We talked about prophets and temples. We had a cute, young grandpa member come with us - he really hits if off with the Ma grandpa because they are both aboriginals. After the lesson, they took pictures of me with them wearing a big aboriginal hat. The grandpa is so precious, and he told us that he's liking church more and more. This family is the greatest. So grateful I could meet them and get to teach them the gospel.

Chen jiemei got confirmed and she is doing so good. Really humble and has a lot of sincere intent.

I love teaching so much. My mission has made me realize even more how much I love teaching. And I really do love teaching people the gospel. It's funny because you teach the same things so much, but you really never get sick of teaching those things.

Oh, man. I feel so weird.

Anyways, I am so grateful everyday for my mission. Even when I have felt tired or stressed or whatever, I'm still so grateful every single day that I'm here and able to serve a mission. I feel like I've truly become converted to the Lord. I feel like before my mission, I had a testimony, but wasn't truly converted. Now I feel like I'm converted and I do things for the right reasons and I love to keep the commandments. They don't feel like a burden at all. I feel like God is more real and tangible than He has ever felt before. I feel like He truly is watching out for me and truly knows what is going on in my life and in everyone's life. My knowledge and testimony of God and the gospel is truly the most important, most special thing I have. I truly know that Jesus Christ lives. I know that because He lived and died for us, we might also live again. I know that this life is not all there is. I absolutely know that the Plan of Salvation is real and true. We will live again, with our families, eternally, if we just do what God commands. I absolutely know that the Book of Mormon is true. I absolutely know that Prophet Monson is the prophet on earth today. He is literally God's spoke's person. Having a prophet on the earth gives me more comfort and guidance than practically anything else. dear family, thanks for all your love and support. So much of my conversion has truly come from your examples, especially of your strength in trial. The examples you have set have made deep impressions in who I am.

Oh, man. Everyone help me be spiritual and not weird when I get home, okay? I love you all dearly.

Sister Natalie Christensen.

ps, kai, come to the airport! love you.
pps, niels. your letter was THE BEST. totally in my scriptures, and i have re-read it like 7 times.

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