Saturday, June 8, 2013


I got home a transfer ago. I hated coming down the escalator, scoping out my family. The missioanries I traveled with all talked to Vicky Chen's family in Chinese to show off their Chinese skills to their parents. I wasn't 100% sure Lars was Lars. Finn is big. My family thinks I'm a little more serious and a little more spiritual. They didn't support me praying over our Chipotle burritos on the way home from the airport. ALL (most) OF MY CLOTHES ARE MISSING.

Lars, me, and The Faj Mahal's elbow. Wearing a dress my beloved investigator/recent convert gave me after I told her I loved the material.

Aunt Jeni, me, Uncle Darrel, cousins Trisha and Kayla.


  1. Natalie! You are adorable! Hope you are adjusting back to normal life well. When are you going to come and visit us in New Zealand?

  2. I love that dress! And that you weren't sure Lars was Lars. Re-reading blog..obvs.