Thursday, December 12, 2013

Contemplating Leaving

Today I fulfilled my TA-ing duties by helping with practicums. The first girl's tour started off a little boring, no clear thesis. But as she began to ask us response questions about the art, I began to feel the power and relevance that art has in my life and the personal revelation we can get from all things godly. She ended her tour with this painting.

Minerva Teichert

When I give tours of this exhibition, I usually include this one. Especially with children. We sit on our pockets and talk about where our ancestors are from and how immigrants are such a cool thing about America and how America is a big melting pot.

Tonight I really felt how hard it must have been to leave one's motherland in order to come to America, where the future was completely unknown and the language was foreign. The girl giving her practicum asked why we do hard things. And it hit me that they did this hard thing because they truly hoped and believed there was something better. The hard things would be worth the gains. Lately, I have been completely overwhelmed by the possibility of moving far from the Utah desert. But I thought about how people leave their homes, and they pray, and I feel empowered and I feel the sense of importance and significance from doing things that will be hard for me. 

But, how I love this desert land. Photo credit: The Faj Mahal