Friday, February 28, 2014

New York, you're all you're cracked up to be

Over Christmas break, my family and I drove to Denver. Early, early on New Year’s morning, (like 4 am – the Faj Mahal was chapped), I flew from Denver to New York City to interview with New York City Teaching Fellows. (It’s a program where you teach for 2 years in a low-income school while doing a Masters simultaneously.) 

Also, got accepted to the program. Moving to NY in June. Despite not being able to sleep outside every night, I'm so excited I could die. Also I feel really good about it (!!!!), which is huge! But more on that later.

Annnyways, despite having a major POLAR VORTEX, NY was a dream. Oh, New York, you’re everything you’re cracked up to be – smelly subway cars, polar vortex, no where to use the bathroom, and all.

Here are a million pictures and highlights from my trip:

Eating so much delicious food. (小龍包(soupy dumplings) in Chinatown, really cheap Dominican food with the Bratts, Ukrainian food with the Martins, Thai food in Queens, and pizza at Two Boots.)

Caught in a late-night blizzard in Brooklyn after my interview.
Benson, the turtle grandpa.

Seeing the Martins for the first time since before my mission. !! And they walked the Brooklyn Bridge with me despite frost-bitey weather.

Waffle truck.

Uniglo with the Martins. (Ahhh, that gold coat!) 

Buying matching clothes with Celia.

- Sleeping over at Annie’s, the Martins, and the Bratt’s. Leaving all my stuff at Annie’s and wearing Celia’s clothes (maybe the same outfit because it was my favorite) for four days in a row.
- Eating oatmeal at midnight with the Martins so we wouldn’t starve on fast Sunday.
- Living the secret.
- POLAR VORTEX = Celia cut and ombred my hair and making cookies inside.
- Going to church in Queens! 
- Heart-to-heart with Annie on the train.
- Talking about how Haiti doesn’t have processed food with Annie and Celia.
- Hearing Annie and Steve impersonate their New Yorker co-workers. How I love the NY accent.
- Village Vanguard.
- Manhattan temple.
- Dog’s dirty paws on my yellow coat. (One reason I love hanging with Ariel – no inhibitions about petting stranger dogs.)
- Hearing Steve and new friend, Tanner impromptu sing “In Humility, Our Savoir.”
- Having so many people be so nice to me and help me find my way when I got lost.
- Two cathedral Christmas concerts.
- Throwing my 5 year old steal-of-a-deal Target boots away because they were finally worn to the bone.
- $5 shoes in Washington Heights. (Thanks, CJ!)
- The whispering wall in Grand Central.
- Paying whatever you want at the Met.
- Sitting by the most chatty, awesome, 25-year-olds on my flight home from NY.
- Missing the first 3 days of winter semester classes.