Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My life is the most delicious.

 I forgot how delicious Moab is. 

After Vicky took her last final on Wednesday afternoon, we loaded up Lydia's tiny baby convertible beetle with sleeping bags and a guitar in-between Vicky and I. We listened to beautiful music, ate peach rings (courtesy of Chris) and ate dinner at Greek Streak. NOT AS DELICIOUS AS CHRISTOPHER WAS HYPING IT UP TO BE. The lack of deliciousness untempted us away from the baklava and we instead went to Arby’s to get chocolate turn-overs. I hate to admit it, but THEY WERE SO DELICIOUS. 

Apparently Moab was having some jeep bro dude fest, so alllll the campsites were completely full. After driving around forever, we ended up camping out on the back lawn of the local Mormon church. We were silent all night, only to realize in the morning that we had all been awake with freezing thighs all night long and could have at least been chatting.

We hiked and walked and talked and everyone besides me climbed all the way up Jacob's Ladder. (I gave it a good go for like 2 minutes, until I get to the top of part of it and had a heart attack and became paralyzed and made Vicky semi-treacherously climb around me because I couldn't move.) I re-remembered that Chris is one of the most hilarious humans and also that he and Niels are soulmates for a reason. It made me even more stoked to see Niels. 

Queen Victorious. Doesn't she look regal?

One of my favorite humans. ^^^

A while ago, the Faj Mahal sent me this Rilke quote:

Lofty God of distant harmonies
I sense you everywhere deep
in everything
Upon the gently patterned slope
the trees
stand firm as when
first they heard you sing.

Fragment from Rilke's Sonnets to Orpheus

I hope I can see God manifest in giant buildings and crazy city. Actually, I’m excited to see God manifest Himself in the next season of my little life. I'm used to feeling close to God in nature, and I'm excited for this chance to see how I can feel close to Him in other ways.