Tuesday, May 6, 2014


I am so behind on blogging. Sheesh.

Last summer I went to visit Kimi and Landon and baby Livy in Seattle. I love them all so much I can hardly stand it. They are some of my dearest and closest friends. I permanently miss Kimi - ever since we stopped being roommates. We have a really special bond - I've been known to kiss her head in the middle of the night and rub her leg mid-sleep. What the?! Kimi used to come talk to me while I was showering so I could approve her outfits for the day and I used to make sure she made it into her bed every night, since she was know to fall asleep on the floor or balanced across the gap BETWEEN TWO BEDS. (I've never seen a more impressive sleeper.) Landon and especially Kimi spent hours on the phone with me this year counseling me as I agonized over life decisions and gave me the honored title of "aunt" to little Livy. My whole mission I couldn't wait to get home and visit them in Seattle, so I finally flew out at the end of the summer. They were the best hosts - tried to pay for all my meals, took me to the most delicious restaurants, bought me a birthday cupcake and ice cream on the way home from the airport, let me sleep in, took me allllll over the city and San Juan Islands, and Kimi let me wear her chambray shirt like 3 days in a row. We stayed up late every night talking and cracking up and watching Arrested Development. They are soulmates, for sure.

Every time I go to a new city, I fall in love, but I'm for real with Seattle. I knew I would love Seattle before I went, and sure enough, it is one of my favorite cities on this warm, lonely planet. If me and the Joneses can't be neighbors, I at least hope they live there forever.

Doughnuts from Pike's Place.

Snoqualmie Falls.

OMG MAGGIE MOON'S ICE CREAM. You know how salted caramel is all the rage? Theirs is the number one best ever. We went there like 3 times in the week I was there. Kimi tried to bring me some over Christmas, but realized it wouldn't last in a cooler during the 14 hour drive. But, still, true love.

These faces. ^^

Dreamy San Juan Islands. We ate fish and chips, and I foolishly bought several books that I had to carry back in my carry-on.

Kimi and Landon are so proud of how much of a city girl Liv is. She loves riding the bus walking around the city.

Ahhhhh. I loved carrying her around. She was constantly petting my hair.
Cousin Addison happened to be in Seattle too. Actually, he just happens to be in a lot of really cool and interesting cities quite often. DON'T WORRY, I WON'T TELL YOUR PARENTS. winky face.


  1. what the heck natalie (and kimi if you read this)?! i want to hang out with both of you. just remember why you're both friends... :).