Sunday, June 15, 2014


The lovely Emily Brown had the great idea of having a backyard concert/going away party for me and it was the best idea ever. She, Chris Bennion, brother Niels, and Brady Parks all played sets and my friends came and sat on blankets on the grass. Thanks to Zoe and Erin for making treats last minute for me and thanks to Karla for taking my pie out of the oven after I accidentally left it in there for about two hours. Thanks Chris, Niels and Karla for helping me string lights and make the backyard look so cute. And thanks friends for coming, even though I was scared NO ONE WAS GOING TO SHOW UP. Thanks Trevor for taking beautiful pictures, and for being my life photographer. Leaving these soulmate friends was hard, but grateful for eternal friendships. 

Me, Annie, and Skyler. Coryn and Scott and Billiam in the background.

Emily Brown.

Niels! Niels! Niels!

Dreamboat. She sang her New York song and all my other favorite Emily Brown songs.

Brady. Played Helsinki, which was my leaving Provo soul song.

I love Finn and how much he loves cats.

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