Thursday, June 12, 2014


Niels just said, "You make friends like I have girlfriends."

The other day, while complaining about these weird bumps that are on my lips, my dermatologist said, "Somebody call the waaaaahm-bulance!"(HE REALLY SAID THAT.)

Bruce snapchatted me a picture telling me to go to NY and don't look back. And then hashtagged #lotswife. SO I SHOULD PROBABLY GO. (update: I AM HERE.)

"It's depressing when you have pointy boobs when you are 25." - male friend who shall remain anonymous

"This is just another step to the second coming." - Chris about Tinder

"You're a social butterfly who just entered the biggest, most colorful colony of butterflies on earth." - Lydia about me going to NY

Also, the best was getting several texts asking me how I was doing and how I was feeling the day I moved here. Thanks, soulmate friends.

Since I've been in New York, my palms have been permanently sticky.

And who would've thought Lars would be snapchat king since I moved to NY? I love him and his snapchats so much.