Thursday, January 15, 2015



Holy smokes. I’m going to blog again. I was just looking back at my blog and found this gem ( and if I hadn’t of posted it to my blog, I probably would have never ever seen it again. (That belly roll! His baby voice!)

Plus, I’m living in New York and sometimes it’s really dreamy and awesome and magical (especially at Christmas time) and sometimes it’s really sucky like today because it’s cold and I’ve been sitting in my bed (NOT sleeping, but reading, researching bike touring in Iceland and looking up Macklemore songs) since 4:00 pm. (It’s 6:41 now.)  I want to go to dinner with someone but my four New York friends are either busy or live in Queens. Woo!

This week, while teaching with another teacher, a student raised his hand and asked:

Student: “Is genitals the same thing as objects?”
Teacher: “Excuse me?”
Student: “Like, do genitals and objects mean the same thing?”
Teacher: “Uhh, no.”

Holy cow, I had to cover my face with a book. I was cracking up.

Also, today a student was going through my (personal) pencil case and pulled out a tampon (the kind sans applicator) and asked, “What is this?” And I was totally just like, “Uhh, um, I don’t know?” as I took it away from him. (Not that tampons are that awkward, but they ARE when your student is asking about it.)

My blog template is all wonky. I looked back at the notes I took when my friend was trying to help me with blog formatting and stuff, and here is an example of some of the notes I took, "Say I've made a circle, then make new image and that circle will save to the clipboard and then change width to make a banner!" (NOT HELPFUL.) ** Update: No longer wonky.

(Photo in the top left-hand corner was taken by one of my first NY friends, Brigham, after I had biked from Harlem to the Lower East Side to eat Chinese food and ice cream with him. Photo on the right side is a blurry shot of Celia and Benson's street in Washington Heights - my first NY home.)


  1. I'm so happy you blogged. Please keep putting school stories up--I almost covered my face with a book reading about the "objects". Got to love the things students say. I know we live closer but wouldn't it be greater if you could bike here?? You are quite impressive.

    1. Ash, you a part of my inspiration to blog again because as I was looking at old blog entries, I saw a comment you made and I realized that I miss opportunities to connect like that. PS, I looove that we live close and DUH, I'm totally going to bike to your house one day.

  2. Yay for blogging again! I love it:)

  3. Finally! I've been checking your blog everyday and now my day is finally fulfilled šŸ’—

  4. You are so loyal. And so kind! Love you.