Sunday, May 31, 2015

tiny update

New York is rainy and dreamy. I'm obsessed with my new glasses. I love ombre hair (thanks Celia!), really dangly earrings and mandarin collars and I have the best home teachers ever.


I drove to Vermont last weekend with Steve and Ariel in Steve's fancy borrowed Cadillac from work. 

It was the best because:

- we found two swimming holes (Steve swam in both, I swam in one, and Ariel swam in none.) 
- roasted hot dogs, marshmallows, biscuits, and wrapped peaches in dough and tin foil. 
- went to a yarn making place
- went to a petting zoo (because Ariel is obsessed with baby animals), and we got to hold baby goats
- camped and I finally got to test out my new sleeping bag
- found the dreamiest little houses
- Brattleboro (Brattlebro, Battleboro, etc.) farmer's market
- saw the cutest old homes and a lovely church covered with leaves
- we thought Ariel broke the Cadillac because she accidentally pushed the gas instead of the brake and the check engine light came on but we all separately prayed and secreted the check engine light off
- ate Thai food
- ate huge ice cream cones
- ate a giant breakfast in CT on our way home

I'm also just obsessed with Ariel and Steve. They are some of my best friends, and I'm always so grateful that I get to live in NY at the same time as them. Brigham asked me if Steve and Ariel every get sick of me and I was like, "No way, man! They always invite me along and Ariel texts me and says she misses me when I leave! And when I woke up after falling asleep in the car, Steve said, 'Yay, Nad's awake! Now we'll have more fun!'" Birgham still looked really skeptical, but I'm pretty sure they don't get sick of me because I don't get sick of them and we all love each other so much. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

some things I'm really loving right now:

- spring! In NYC
- flowering trees
- leaves on trees
- this weather
- Shake Shack burgers + bacon
- Quiet House's new album
- the girls in my relief society
- Sufjan Stevens
- my new home teachers
- that Bekah Ludlow and I have proclaimed our love for each other
- And, Bekah in general
- facetime chats with Niels
- Parks and Rec
- all types of poetry (obsessed with reading poetry lately)
- Cheiko Okazaki
- that I truly believe in prayer
- the subway
- biking
- being kind to others and when others are kind to me
- the brisket from Hill Country BBQ
- Morgenstern's (especially caramel sesame!) (omg, I don't know why I wasn't instantly in love when Brigham took me there in the fall. So much ice cream I've missed out on)
- Ample Hills and their salted crack caramel ice cream
- chambray
- hot pink lipstick
- jeans with holes in the knees
- hot yoga 
- New Yorkers
- thick sweaters worn over a collared chambray shirt
- sandals
- black leather jackets
- that everyone is out of their apartments - in the park, sitting on their stoops, and playing music in the street

DC houses are the cutest houses // DC, part II

Celia is one of my dearest friends and is one of my most long-time best friends. We became friends due to living on the same street when I was a sophomore and Celia was a junior. We both had a fake crush on Andrew Skabelund (until she had a real crush on him and dated him), and spent our summers sleeping on the tramp, going to 7 Peaks, watching What Not to Wear and some lame MTV shows. When she went on her mission, her now-husband, Benson, and I remained friends and like the best friend I am, DIDN’T tell her about when he was dating other girls. I was there when she opened her mission call (and when I hugged my congratulations to her after she got set apart as I missionary, I RUBBED HER BUTT WITHOUT THINKING ABOUT IT IN FRONT OF THE STAKE PRESIDENT. !!!!) I was a bride’s maid at her wedding and spent many family reunions with her and her family. I took care of her down syndrome cousin, Julie Ann, for a year, which pretty much meant that I was getting paid to hang out with Celia. Celia is the type of friend who, having grown up together, knows all my aunts, uncles, my mom before her accident, and pretty much everyone who’s important to me since I was 12. Her and Benson also invited me to live with them in their one bedroom apartment when I moved to New York since my housing had last minute and unexpectedly fallen through. Hanging out in DC with her and Benson and getting to meet precious little Sebastian was the best and I love witnessing Celia evolve into this new sweet and perfect little mama.

Also, on this trip got to see cousin Harry! I haven’t seen him in years and although we weren’t extremely close growing up, it was so fun to see each other as adults and get to talk and connect on a lot more stuff. He insisted on driving me home and buying me dinner, so he’s definitely one of the best cousins there is.

Also got to see Clark Goldsberry (one of the best!) and I love talking with him more than I love talking with a lot of people. We met up at a bookstore, where Clark was lugging pounds and pounds of camera equipment and ate the MOST delicious food from Founding Farmers. We ran through museums and waited in a long line for Georgetown cupcakes and the people waiting in line with us gave Clark the rest of their pizza because he was starving and also he’s kind and charming, so of course people want to feed him! It was the best. Also got to see Jessica Daye, a beloved mission friend. We walked and talked and ate fancy happy-hour priced chocolate desserts.

And I take back what I said about DC all being the same color, in a negative way. Even though many of the buildings are the exact same color, it’s pretty in a monotone kind of way and there are plenty of charming and colorful homes to make up for it.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

DC, part I

Home of my 2011 profile picture ^^

Reunited with long lost cousin, Harry. He bought me dinner and insisted on driving me home. Sweetest.

This tiny sleepy face is TOO MUCH.
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TERRIFYING. I'm eternally scared to open cupboards in the Bratt's house.


Strolling Georgetown.

The cutest little tiny there is.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Throw back to when the parents visited Manhattan

The best part of having my parents here was when I got sick Saturday-Sunday. (I think from drinking too much hot chocolate, eating too many bagels/dosas/etc., and walking around non-stop in the freezing March weather.) We left church early on Sunday so I could come home and sleep and possibly puke. I rested on the couch and the Faj and I chatted for a couple hours. Mostly about mom and our secret fears. I ended up being the worst host and Faj made dinner.

After dinner, the three of us lay in my adult-size bed and I leaned my cheek against the Faj's flannel-clad arm while he read poetry he wrote about his mom dying, of my then-small little brother stopping while walking to examine grass and flowers, and of me when I was a little girl - my socked feet padding down the hall to my parents' room after waking up in the early morning. My mom told a couple stories about growing up. I like to ask her to tell stories from her past - I like to imagine and remember who she used to be. 

At times, just my dad's voice and presence instills so much peace and calmness in me. The image of him standing with his hands in his pockets, or snapping and foot-tapping along with a spirited jazz piece while exclaiming, "Do you hear this kids?! Listen to that sax! This is good!" makes me feel that all is right in the world.

Sometimes my dad will repeat song lines to me while the song is playing. I don't really know how to explain it, but he'll repeat the line and say something like, "Hear that, Lambie?" I took a random video before I moved to New York. I was sitting on the couch in our living room and a Bruce Springsteen song was playing. I was weepy about moving to New York and I felt overwhelmed by how much I loved my home and my dad and sitting in my living room covered with walls of books and Dawson laying on the floor and music playing in the background. In the video, there's this part where Bruce Springsteen sings, "I break above the waves." And the Faj says, "Break above the waves, Lamb. You can do it." It's a silly little video, but it's super dear to my heart.