Wednesday, May 20, 2015

some things I'm really loving right now:

- spring! In NYC
- flowering trees
- leaves on trees
- this weather
- Shake Shack burgers + bacon
- Quiet House's new album
- the girls in my relief society
- Sufjan Stevens
- my new home teachers
- that Bekah Ludlow and I have proclaimed our love for each other
- And, Bekah in general
- facetime chats with Niels
- Parks and Rec
- all types of poetry (obsessed with reading poetry lately)
- Cheiko Okazaki
- that I truly believe in prayer
- the subway
- biking
- being kind to others and when others are kind to me
- the brisket from Hill Country BBQ
- Morgenstern's (especially caramel sesame!) (omg, I don't know why I wasn't instantly in love when Brigham took me there in the fall. So much ice cream I've missed out on)
- Ample Hills and their salted crack caramel ice cream
- chambray
- hot pink lipstick
- jeans with holes in the knees
- hot yoga 
- New Yorkers
- thick sweaters worn over a collared chambray shirt
- sandals
- black leather jackets
- that everyone is out of their apartments - in the park, sitting on their stoops, and playing music in the street


  1. I love your posts. The way you describe people is so sweet and compassionate. You should post more often:)

  2. Let's experience NY in the warm weather together. Loving this post!