Sunday, May 31, 2015


I drove to Vermont last weekend with Steve and Ariel in Steve's fancy borrowed Cadillac from work. 

It was the best because:

- we found two swimming holes (Steve swam in both, I swam in one, and Ariel swam in none.) 
- roasted hot dogs, marshmallows, biscuits, and wrapped peaches in dough and tin foil. 
- went to a yarn making place
- went to a petting zoo (because Ariel is obsessed with baby animals), and we got to hold baby goats
- camped and I finally got to test out my new sleeping bag
- found the dreamiest little houses
- Brattleboro (Brattlebro, Battleboro, etc.) farmer's market
- saw the cutest old homes and a lovely church covered with leaves
- we thought Ariel broke the Cadillac because she accidentally pushed the gas instead of the brake and the check engine light came on but we all separately prayed and secreted the check engine light off
- ate Thai food
- ate huge ice cream cones
- ate a giant breakfast in CT on our way home

I'm also just obsessed with Ariel and Steve. They are some of my best friends, and I'm always so grateful that I get to live in NY at the same time as them. Brigham asked me if Steve and Ariel every get sick of me and I was like, "No way, man! They always invite me along and Ariel texts me and says she misses me when I leave! And when I woke up after falling asleep in the car, Steve said, 'Yay, Nad's awake! Now we'll have more fun!'" Birgham still looked really skeptical, but I'm pretty sure they don't get sick of me because I don't get sick of them and we all love each other so much. 

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