Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Schleiffarth takes NY

Kirk visited and it was so fun. I love him a lot, even though he has been known to make fun of the way I sleep, responded "kiiiiind of" one time when I asked him if he wanted to kiss, and told me the reason I almost passed out while hiking the Grand Canyon with him was because I was being self-conscious about my breathing and needed to breathe harder. Kirk is a true mountain man so I wanted him to love NY. I worked really hard to make sure we checked off all his bucket list items. "New York, I love you, but you're bringing me down" is forever etched in my brain because he didn't stop singing it the whole time. Also, it sounded like a broadway routine, so I just wanted to do jazz hands every time he started to sing it. 

Here's a list of everything we did:

- Yankees game (proud to say that the Instagram I posted about the game got me my most Instagram likes I've ever gotten. Cha-ching.)
- Explored Harlem + ate at Harlem Shake
- Shake Shack 
- Times Square
- Museum of Natural History (loved going with Kirk who geeked out over rocks and had me take pictures of him next to rocks for scale.) 
- Doughnut Plant
- Mamoun's 
- Lower East Side
- Smoothies
- Coney Island
- Lombardi's (and mostly talked about people moving to Mars and who even does that?!)
- Molly's Cupcakes
- Church
- Brooklyn Bridge + Please Touch the Art in BK
- Country Hill BBQ
- And then we were supposed to watch Breaking Bad but Kirk watched basketball instead 
- Also, secret confession!! Kirk was so stressed about getting sick the whole trip because he was going climbing in the Alps after NY. (Like anytime I barely sniffled, he would freak out and be like, "Are you sick?! Stay away from me!" Yeah, he's a sweetheart.) But, I totally ended up getting SO SICK. I puked TWICE on Monday (the day he left, but after he left) and again today, so please bless Kirky didn't get sick and puke off the side of the mountain. So nervous.

Hi, I'm Kirk and I love women.
Please Touch the Art - raaaaad exhibition
Steve wanted us to take a serious band photo. Kirk was the only winner.
Coney Island, I'll always love you. (PC: Kirk)
I loved Coney Island more than Kirk. We went into a little museum there and the guy working there said, "Let me know if you have any questions." And Kirk leaned over to me and whispered, "Yeah, I have a question. Why would anyone come here?"
My ombre is perfect in this picture. Thanks, Celia.
I'm obsessed with Ariel. Sooo glad and thankful all the time that her and Steve live here at the same time as me. Also, I was drooling over her outfit - that hat + perfect leather jacket + hot pink lipstick. So dreamy.
Steve Martin takes the dreamiest pictures.
Nose goes for someone to ride the roller coaster with Kirk.
Just doing my normal sunscreen application.
Hi, I'm Kirk and I wish my life was a broadway musical.
PC: Schleiffarth

Merry Christmas, Trevor. (Trevor said his Christmas wish is for me to post more pictures of myself.)

And then Kirk wanted to pray.

Kirk sees the second coming in the distance and Ariel is the cutest.
Shoot. Cutest friends. Remember when meshing friend groups used to give me serious anxiety and now it's my favorite!?
Little Italy is the dreamiest.


  1. Love this! Almost as much as I love the memories I have of you doing jazz hands. #Nalley

    1. Love YOU! Miss those circus dancing for Nalley days!

  2. I love Kirk and Natalie and hope these two get together permanently! I loved the blog and the photos -- especially the hands on art exhibit.

    1. Aww, you're so nice! Thanks for reading!

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