Monday, November 16, 2015

Some nice friends on my 27th birthday

Back row: Landon Jones, Allison Sligting Mays, Vicky Chen, me (holding Livy Jones), Emily Brown, Christopher Bennion, cousin Daniel Barnes (holding baby Farrah). Middle row: Kimi Jones (holding baby Stella), cousin Kayla (holding Meena). Front row: Lars Christensen, Trevor Christensen, Tanner Williams, James Talbot.
Earlier that day, Vicky and I jumped off a bridge into the Provo River. Vicky was wearing her Hawaiian "little boy" swimsuit and it took us about an hour to finally jump in after sitting on the edge. Later that night, Vicky, Kimi and I went skinny dipping. Kimi and Vicky's first time. I'm the proudest that I FINALLY convinced Vicky to skinny dip. It's been a goal of mine since like 2013. 

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